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DHUMA story began in 2017 in a small apartment at the base of the Uinta Mountains.  With only two cat's and next to no free time, the brand was born.  A passion for animals, unique design and collaboration brought a vision, and the products to life. 

The unique structures where thought up after  learning that zero aesthetically designed cat boxes existed.  It's a well know fact that cat's love boxes, but nobody wants old delivered boxes left out on the floor for along time.  With the help of the Kickstarter community, we successfully funded and DHUMA started.

Our product brings together pets love for corrugate boxes and your love for a unique style.  We believe in the simple things of life, coming together, by spending time with humans and animals we like.  The added bonus of the dwellings is the is the DIY Experience you and your pet will enjoy. 

The unique shapes and designs were created with the earth in mind and are constructed with natural 100% recyclable corrugate.  We are inspired by the beauty of the world, each shapes represent what we see and love around us.  We hope they'll inspire you too.  


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