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DIY Projects Help With Anxiety

Posted by Sisley Dickson on

Depression is the most common mental-illness in the United states. It changes your mood, often to make you feel sad, lost, and lose interest in things. It deals with dopamine, a chemical that can stimulate happiness.  While many treatments are available to help, sometimes people overlook simpler ways to try to maim their bad feelings. One of these ways is through art.
        Many studies have shown that people with depression also have a problem with dopamine stores. Doing art releases dopamine and can make you feel happy.    This is because it triggers the reward center in your brain. So, when you complete something, you feel proud, and it releases dopamine.
        Doing DIY or art projects can be a non-medicinal way to stimulate dopamine. For instance, one study found that 81% of 3,500 knitters with depression said that they felt happier after knitting. This is probably because of the stimulate of dopamine. 
         Besides dopamine, there are other effects to doing DIY activities. Some people notice that while doing art, they forget about the other things in their life because they are so invested in the project. Sometimes art changes your perspective, which can help you look on the brighter side of life.
         All of this shows that doing an art or DIY task can help lift your mood and make you feel a little bit happier.
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